Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the box office open before concerts? The box office opens one hour before each performance: 6:30 p.m. for evening concerts and 2 p.m. for matinees.

Does CMC offer discounted tickets? $5 tickets are available for all concerts for full-time students with a valid ID. We also offer $5 tickets to Oregon Trail Card holders through the Performing Arts Access program. Rush tickets are available 15 minutes before each concert for $10, subject to availability. We do not offer a senior discount.

Where should I park? Currently, free parking is available in the SOU lot directly across from the Music Building on Mountain Avenue. The university could make changes to its policy at anytime, however, so it is important to check the parking lot signs regarding charges.

I purchased tickets for a concert, but something’s come up and now I can’t attend. What should I do? You may donate your tickets back to CMC for a tax credit up to 30 minutes prior to the concert by calling or emailing our office (541-552-6154 or, or you may exchange the tickets for another concert if the exchange is arranged at least 24 hours in advance.

What is appropriate dress for CMC concerts? Most people wear business casual and some dress up, but there is no dress code. Please be considerate of the audience members around you who may have allergies and refrain from wearing cologne or perfume.

I need to purchase/pick up tickets at the box office. When should I arrive? The box office is always busiest in the last 15 minutes before the performance — if you arrive a little earlier, you won’t have to wait in a long line.

Can I purchase tickets online? Yes! Just visit our Web site, You will see seat availability for all of our concerts and be able to choose your own seats.

What if I’m late to the concert? Latecomers entering the hall and making their way to seats is very distracting to the audience members and the performers. Please make every effort to be a little early. Latecomers will be admitted to the hall only at appropriate times between musical selections, during the applause.

How long are your concerts? A typical performance is usually about an hour and 45 minutes to two hours long, and includes a 15-20 minute intermission. We cannot predict the exact length of our concerts.

What are the pre-concert lectures about? We present free pre-concert lectures one hour before each performance in the second-floor Choir Room. Our lecturers will talk about the music that will be performed, giving you insights into how the pieces were composed, important things to listen for, and a better understanding of the music. The lecturer will also usually play samples of the music.

I lost my tickets! What happens now? Don’t worry! Call the Box Office at 541-552-6154 and we will print a duplicate set free of charge. If it’s the day of the concert, come a little early to the Box Office and we will make duplicate tickets for you.

When should I applaud? It is traditional musical etiquette to wait until the end of the piece to clap. Most classical pieces are divided into shorter sections called “movements,” which can cause confusion about when the piece is actually finished. Much like different courses in a fine dinner, movements are not meant to be a full “meal” by themselves, so audience members should wait for the entire piece to be completed before showing their appreciation. If the music has movements, we will print this in the program so you can follow along. If you lose track, just take your cue from the rest of the audience.

What if I have to cough? Please don’t come to the concert if you have a cough or are ill. If you do need to cough, cover your mouth and nose to muffle the sound as much as possible. You may want to exit the concert hall quietly (an usher will assist you at the door) if you feel that you may be unable to suppress the coughing. The usher will let you re-enter at an appropriate time.

I think I left a personal article somewhere at the concert. What should I do? Our ushers check the hall after each concert for anything that may be left behind and place it on the box office counter. If you have already left, call the CMC office. If the ushers found the item, we will hold it for you to pick up.

Can I bring children to your concerts? CMC performances are not suitable for babies and young children. We recommend that children be at least 8 years old, but because attention spans vary, please use your best judgment. Your child must be able to sit quietly, without fidgeting or otherwise causing distractions, throughout the entire concert. Most concerts last for about two hours with a 15-20 minute intermission.

Can I bring in my camera and/or video recorder? Taking photos or video, whether with a camera or phone (with or without flash), and use of any recording device are absolutely prohibited.

Can I bring in my cell phone in case I get an important call during the performance? Answering/making phone calls or text messaging during the performance is prohibited. It is very distracting to others even if the phone is in silent mode. Please turn off ALL electronic devices, including watch alarms.

Why are so many of the best seats already taken? Much of the hall is sold through season tickets, so when single tickets go on sale, the best seats have already been taken by subscribers.

What is “chamber” music? Chamber music is performed by a small group of instruments, one to a part, without a conductor. The term “chamber” refers to the fact that this music used to be played in small chambers or salons. It traditionally means classical music, but many people now also include jazz and world music as part of the genre.

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